Sunningwell Road, Oxford, OX1 4SY



*Vice President




*Asst. Treasurer


*Fixture Secretary

*Club Captain

 Vice Club Captain


 Ladies Captain


 Ladies Vice-Captain


 Men’s A League


 Men’s B League

*Bar Manager

*Estates Manager

*Catering Manager


 Competitions Secretary


 County Delegate Men


 County Delegate Ladies

*Greens Manager

*Social Manager




 Trustees x 3        

* Committee Members -Non-specific duties              

Michael Rockett

Keith Mobley

Letitia Batten

George Young

Eddie Lamb

Mick Rockett

Mick Keen

Keith Mobley

Angie Edmondson

Jennie Lynch

Herbie Payne

Don Portman

John Clack

Vic DePaauw

Beryl Pearce

Richard Green

Mick Rockett

Letitia Batten

Ivan Beckett

David Bye

Angie Edmondson

Vic DePaauw/Keith Mobley/Letitia Batten

Richard Green/Pauline McCarthy

* Members of the Management Committee